Medium Standard Cushion:

Just like the larger ones, this pleated edged cushion is a slightly smaller size for folk who are more flexible and want to sit lower to the ground.  It measures approx 15 in across and 5 in high,with a convenient side zipper to allow removal of some buckwheat if you want a lower seat.

Extra Large Standard Zafu: 

Classic pleated sides with side handle and separate lining for the buckwheat hull filling that gives it a comfortable adjustable, yet firm seat.  Can be stacked on the edge for a taller support for kneeling posture.  Measures approx 19 in across and 6-7 in high .Great for larger meditaters who sit cross legged.

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Large Top Hat:  This upright cushion sits 8-9 in tall, with a 13-14 in diameter.  The flat sides are reinforced to keep them straight.  The separate liner contains the buckwheat hulls that give this zafu a high, firm seat.  Ideal for plus sized and larger meditators.

Styles & Samples

Top Hat:  The original upright cushion, named for its similarity to the crown of a Victorian formal hat.  This zafu measures 13 in across and 8 in tall.  The flat sides are reinforced to hold it upright, and the buckwheat filling is contained in a separate liner. 

The Mountain: Sitting 12 inches tall, this cylindrical cushion helps you sit "solid as a mountain."  With an exclusive liner that supports the buckwheat hull fill, and unique support seams on the cover, it will stay tall while sitting with your knees on the floor.  Larger folk may also sit crossed legged off one side of the cushion.

Small Standard Zafu:

For the meditator who is very flexible and does not need a large cushion, this provides support for proper pelvic alignment.  It measures approx 14 in across and 4.5-5 in high. 

Large Standard Zafu:

This is the most popular size on the market.  Measures approx 16 in across and 5-6 in high.  Like all my other cushions, it has a separate liner for the buckwheat hull filling and a side handle for convenient carry.

Extra Small (Child's) Cushion:

This cushion is ideal for someone who needs very little lift off the ground, or a child.  It measures approx 13 in across and 4-5 in high. 

Blue Lotus Refuge Meditation Cushions