BLR Meditation Cushions from

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My goal is to make cushions that support and inspire your spiritual practice, regardless of tradition or sect.

The Blue Lotus Refuge is the space deep inside you where you cultivate your sacred self.
Located in South Austin, Texas.

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Blue Lotus Refuge Meditation Cushions

Price List 10/2017
(Sizes approximate, diameter x height)

Mountain  13in x 12in   $135

Jumbo Top Hat      17in x 8in   $90   

Lg Top Hat 15in x 8in     $60

Top Hat       13in x 8in     $55

Compact Top Hat 13in x 6in $55

Xlarge Std    19in x 6in    $55

Large            16in x 5in    $53

Medium       15in x 5in    $50

Small            14in x 4.5in    $48

Xsmall (child)  13in x 4in   $45